As Halloween nears, Cranbury family’s scarecrow TikTok video garners almost 136K views


As the weekend came to a close last week, 8-year-old Jake Taylor just thought he was walking out of his family home to see “a scarecrow prop talk” that was put together in the family yard in preparation for Halloween.

To the youngster’s surprise the scarecrow did more than speak. As the scarecrow said, “Time to run, I hear them coming,” its arms swooped down and came forward.

It shocked Jake so much he almost fell down, while quickly backing away.

Jake’s reaction was caught on video and went viral on the social media app TikTok, a social media app that is known for producing video content captured by those who use the app.

Videos can go viral by a large amount of views, likes, and shares by others on the social media app.

The video of Jake, which was posted to TikTok on Sept. 25, has garnered almost 136,000 views and 21,000 likes already.

Jake was convinced by his siblings – his sister Gracie Taylor, 13, and specifically his twin brother James, to come outside and see the scarecrow.

James told his twin the scarecrow prop “just talks,” according to their father James Taylor, former Cranbury mayor.

“I did lunch duty [at their school] and all the kids in his class were laughing hysterically at the video. I think what makes it fun, enjoyable and why people like it … it is just natural life happening,” Taylor said.

The reaction, which was captured as the family prepared their yard for Halloween, was captured with “no editing.”

“What is posted was straight from iPhone to the platform,” Taylor said.

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