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News Transcript On Campus, Oct. 5

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va., announced that the following students graduated during August 2022 commencement exercises: James Guilbert of Morganville graduated with a bachelor’s in economics, and Thomas Judge of Freehold graduated with a bachelor’s in sport and recreation management.

Christina Gallego of Freehold has graduated from Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisc., with a Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedadogy.

Seton Hall University, South Orange, has named the following students who qualified for the Spring 2022 dean’s list: Justin Gemellaro of Manalapan, Kaitlyn Spadaro of Manalapan, Stacey Salvia of Manalapan, Sophia Uhl of Manalapan, Olivia Stakemann of Manalapan, Gianna Lella of Manalapan, Riley Nolan of Manalapan, Paul Crowley of Manalapan, Ethan Friedman of Manalapan, Jonathan Zammit of Manalapan, Kaitlyn Zammit of Manalapan, Deanna Palmieri of Manalapan, Francesca Piscino of Manalapan, Myeong Gil Jun of Manalapan, Mahi Patel of Manalapan, Kayla Sullivan of Manalapan, Ava Geissel of Manalapan, Isabella Aiello of Manalapan, Megan Perumpail of Manalapan, Isabella Saporito of Manalapan, Justin Kwok of Manalapan, Connor Mullin of Freehold, Courtney Kerrigan of Freehold, Vikram Khosla of Freehold, Zane Kokinakos of Freehold, Zahra Clarke of Freehold, Kayla Loges of Freehold, Sean Fallon of Freehold, Justin Davis of Freehold, Sophia Maldonado of Freehold, Evan Savino of Freehold, Angelise Vera of Freehold, Mason Jones of Freehold, Nader Daoud of Freehold, Lauren Mellerup of Freehold, Courtney Windels of Freehold, Camarin Georges of Freehold, Madison Walsh of Freehold, Ian Maroney of Freehold, Brendan Hammond of Freehold, Karissa Kopf of Freehold, Matthew Madonna of Freehold, Maxwell Manfre of Freehold, Daphne Lombardi of Freehold, Austin Post of Freehold, Joseph Carrier of Freehold, Ethan Rosenblum of Freehold, Ria Sandeep of Freehold, Nicholas Guarasi of Freehold, Ryan Conley of Freehold, Julia Schmitt of Freehold, Demetri Allen of Freehold, Gregg Walsh of Marlboro, James Como of Marlboro, Rebecca Awad of Marlboro, Jonathan Perumpail of Marlboro, Karen Chernoff of Marlboro, Michael Detinich of Marlboro, Milan Patel of Marlboro, Christopher Giovanniello of Morganville, Alysiah Burnette of Morganville, Emily Chou of Morganville, Veronica Lomangino of Morganville and Nicholas Mattos of Morganville.

Emily Saporita of Freehold was one of 60 students selected as a Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa., first-year mentor to guide first-year students and transfer students through their early weeks at The Valley. Emily, who is a graduate of Freehold Township High School, is pursuing a bachelor of science in music and music education. First-year mentors are responsible for assisting new students in succeeding personally, socially and academically through connections to the college and their peers.

Ande Balla of Freehold is one of 45 resident assistants at Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa., during the 2022-23 academic year. Ande, who is a graduate of Freehold Township High School, is pursuing a bachelor of science in music and music education at The Valley. Resident assistants live in residence halls and serve as mentors and role models. A resident assistant oversees a floor or wing in a residence hall, serving as a resource for residential students and providing a residential environment conducive to the overall development of students.

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