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Red Bank officials address metered parking through new ordinance

RED BANK — The members of the Borough Council have implemented new regulations regarding metered parking in Red Bank.

During a meeting on Sept. 28, council members adopted an ordinance that amends the parking meter zones section of the vehicles and traffic chapter in the borough code.

Under the terms of the previous ordinance, street meters were located on Bridge Avenue on both sides of the avenue from Oakland Street to West Front Street, and on Monmouth Street on both sides of the street from Broad Street west to Bridge Avenue.

The amended ordinance changes the location of the street meters on Bridge Avenue to place meters on both sides of the avenue from Oakland Street to Depot Street and the east side from Chestnut Street to Oakland Street.

On Monmouth Street, the amended ordinance changes the location of street meters to on both sides of the street for the entire length.

The amended ordinance adds street meters on Oakland Street on the south side of the street from Bridge Avenue to the train tracks.

The hours of operation of all the street meters is 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The meter rates are $1.50 per hour and 50 cents per 15 minutes.

In other business, the council members introduced an ordinance that will, if adopted, amend the Human Relations Advisory Committee article of the borough code and change the name of the committee to the Community Engagement and Equity Advisory Committee.

According to the ordinance, the committee recommends programs of formal and informal education to the mayor and Borough Council that are intended to forward the elimination of discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry and age.

The proposed ordinance will add that the committee also seeks to eliminate discrimination toward religion, gender, social and economic status, physical and intellectual disabilities, political belief, sexual orientation and gender identity.

In addition, the proposed ordinance will add a section which states the Community Engagement and Equity Advisory Committee will work to increase trust between community members by offering residents more opportunities to interact with one another and explore additional options for residents to be seen and heard by local government in an effort to help them better understand local government initiatives.

A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for Oct. 12. The governing body may adopt the ordinance that evening.

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