Hopewell Township’s municipal parking lot becomes latest site to allow electric vehicle owners to ‘charge up’

New EV charging stations at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building upper parking lot. Photo courtesy of Hopewell Township

Electric vehicle owners can now charge up their vehicles on the upper parking lot at Hopewell Township’s municipal complex with five new operational charging stations.

The five charging stations are up and running at the municipal building located at 201 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road in Titusville, according to the township.

“I am thrilled that our electric vehicle chargers are up and running,” Hopewell Township Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning said. “I hope that many township residents and staff are able to take advantage of this new green infrastructure at the Township building.”

To use the township’s electric vehicle chargers, electric vehicle drivers will need to download the Liberty Hydra app. The app is both available on Apple and Android platforms.

They will then be instructed to enter the township zip code “08560” or the word “Hopewell” in the search and the location will appear on the drop-down menu, according to the township.

The next step from there is for the individual to choose the length of time to charge. Available lengths of time are 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and one, two, and four hours.

To pay for the length of time chosen by the driver they will use a credit or debit card through the app. Once completed the driver inputs the charger number they are using and wait for the request to process.

The implementation of electric vehicle charging stations continue to be added across the state and county. In September, the state announced a plan to install electric charging infrastructure to New Jersey state parks.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has provided more than $5 million in grant awards to install chargers at more than 60 key tourist destinations statewide.

The Department of Environmental Protection has prioritized which properties to receive the chargers based on electrical feasibility, parking lot layout and structure, and the number of daily and overnight visitors, according to a press release.

Gov. Phil Murphy has set a goal of having 330,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025, reducing transportation emissions and achieving his goal of 100% clean energy by 2050.

During the summer, Mercer County announced that they had installed 11 new electric vehicle charging stations. Dual-port Level 2 ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations were operational in late June.

Eight of the 11 charging stations are available 24/7 and can be used by the public for $1 an hour for the first four hours of charging.

The price increases to $5 for every hour after the first four hours of charging until the vehicle is fully charged.

The new Mercer County locations for the charging stations include Boathouse at Mercer Lake, 334 South Post Road, West Windsor; Hopewell Valley Golf Course, 114 Pennington-Hopewell Road, Hopewell; Mercer County Administration Building, 640 South Broad St., Trenton; Mercer County Improvement Authority, 80 Hamilton Ave., Trenton and the Mercer County Office Park, 1440 Parkside Ave., Ewing.

EV charging stations available in Hopewell Township for electric vehicle drivers. Photo courtesy of Hopewell Township
Key pad that will be used by electric vehicle drivers to be able to charge vehicles. Photo courtesy of Hopewell Township
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