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Hillsborough Police Chief: Make sure to ‘lock’ and ‘keep key fobs’ separate from vehicles

HILLSBOROUGH – Hillsborough police are reminding the public to lock their vehicle doors and keep key fobs separate from the vehicle.

During the early morning hours of Oct. 11, the township experienced several vehicle burglaries along with three vehicle thefts. Numerous actors were captured on home surveillance recordings pulling on vehicle door handles attempting to gain entry. These actors targeted all different types of vehicles and found success entering those vehicles that were left unlocked or with the key fobs left inside, according to police.

The three stolen vehicles have since been recovered and police are “thoroughly” investigating the thefts.

“These actors are generally groups of juveniles or young adults that come from outside of the area to specifically target stealing cars with the key fobs left in them or to steal property from vehicles that are left unlocked,” Police Chief Michael Mahon said. “These activities are happening in municipalities across the state.

“Most important is that you consider these actors to be armed and dangerous. The recovery of a recent video depicted one of the actors carrying what appears to be a handgun. We ask that you contact the Hillsborough Township Police Department should you come across a crime in progress as described above and do not confront or approach the actors on your own.”

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