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Tinton Falls proposes ordinance to help fund library’s reopening

TINTON FALLS — The Borough Council is proposing to appropriate $495,000 toward the reopening of the Tinton Falls Public Library.

During a meeting on Oct. 11, council members introduced an ordinance that will, if adopted, appropriate $495,000 for improvements at the Tinton Falls Public Library, 664 Tinton Ave.

According to the ordinance, the $495,000 appropriation includes $217,500 in grant funds from the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act, $217,500 in the borough’s general capital reserve for library improvement funds (matching the state grant) and $60,000 in the borough’s general capital fund balance.

A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for Oct. 25. The governing body may adopt the ordinance that evening.

The Tinton Falls Public Library was created and is managed by the Tinton Falls Public Library Association. The library operates independently of the Monmouth County Library System.

The library was closed by municipal officials in August 2017 when mold was discovered in the building. The building is owned by the borough. Repairs to the building have been estimated at more than $400,000.

Prior to the introduction of the ordinance, Councilman Dr. Lawrence Dobrin said municipal officials have been in discussions with members of the Tinton Falls Public Library Association’s executive board to negotiate the finances necessary to pay for the improvements.

“It was a very successful and productive meeting,” Dobrin said. “I think we are on our way to getting the library taken care of, so I want to thank all involved.”

Borough Council President Tracy Buckley thanked Dobrin, Mayor Vito Perillo and the members of the library’s executive board for their work on the issue.

“I am so glad this is moving forward in a collaborative effort. Congratulations to everybody involved,” she said.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, a resident praised borough officials for moving forward on the goal of reopening the library.

“I know it was a little edgy negotiation there at the end and then (the officials) really just stepped up and came up with that last money,” the resident said. “I am so grateful and so glad we are finally going to get this thing going.”

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