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Resident questions Republican candidates for Hopewell Township Committee

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

How politicians introduce themselves can tell you a lot about their values. Take the Republican candidates for Hopewell Township Committee. As of Oct. 17th, the opening line of their website says, “As premier Politicians since 2022, Jenn & Dan are here to pave the way to change in the lives of our families.”

The statement raises more questions than answers. Why do Jenn and Dan think Hopewell voters want their elected officials involved in the lives of their families? What kind of changes do these candidates have in mind? Do they think Hopewell families need the guidance of government to align with the changes these candidates desire?

Jenn and Dan have publicly campaigned with a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress who not only denies the 2020 election results but participated in the Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol. Are these the “Hopewell Values” Jenn and Dan plan to bring to our families? Do they plan to restrict what our kids can read and study in school? The Congressional candidate openly states that “Abortion is unconstitutional,” and he pledges to use his office “protect Life.” Do Jenn and Dan have similar plans? Do they hope to intervene in our daughters’ consultations with their physicians? This is the political company Jenn and Dan boast about keeping.

The Democrats David Chait and Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning have preserved acres of open space. They have implemented a best-in-class cannabis ordinance that keeps retail and cultivation away from schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods. They have reduced the property tax rate and exercised fiscal discipline. Blessedly, what they have not done is tried to “pave the way to change in the lives of our families.” Isn’t that for individual families to figure out?

Jenn and Dan have announced themselves as being “premier Politicians since 2022.” Why they have such confidence is beyond me. I’ll be voting for Peters-Manning and Chait, the candidates who can differentiate the changes we need from the changes we don’t.

Brian McInerney

Hopewell Township

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