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Applicant seeks use variance to place two businesses on Marlboro property

MARLBORO — Testimony regarding an applicant’s proposal to construct a self-storage building and a flex space warehouse at 142 Amboy Road is expected to continue on Nov. 8 before the Marlboro Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The application filed by 142 Amboy Road was heard during the board’s Oct. 11 meeting. According to the meeting’s agenda, the applicant is seeking bifurcated use variance approval to construct a self-storage/flex warehouse facility in the LC Zone.

Amboy Road runs between Tennent and Texas roads.

The applicant was represented before the zoning board by attorney Salvatore Alfieri and engineer Steven Cattani.

During his testimony, Cattani said the two buildings that are proposed to be constructed on the property will be accessed through one driveway, but will have a divider to separate the two structures.

The parking lot will provide 172 parking stalls, including 14 parking stalls for the self-storage facility; 21 parking stalls are required for the self-storage building and the applicant is seeking a variance for the shortfall in the number of parking spaces.

Tractor-trailers will not be permitted to remain at the property overnight, Cattani told the board members.

He also said no hazardous materials, storage containers, boats or tractors will be permitted to remain in the parking lot overnight.

Depending on the type of businesses that rent space in the warehouse, there may be work vans or trucks that will be parked overnight, but those vehicles will leave the site on a daily basis, according to the testimony.

“The flex space warehouse will be for various types of businesses, such as dance studios, reupholstering businesses, HVAC companies and driving schools,” Cattani said, adding that no tenants have been secured at this time.

The self-storage building will be surrounded by a fence on all sides. A gated access point will require an individual who seeks to gain entry to a unit to use a key fob or a code. Access to the self-storage units will not be permitted after 10 p.m., according to the testimony.

Alfieri said at this time the applicant is only seeking to obtain a use variance from the zoning board because the flex space and self-storage uses are not permitted in the zone.

“If we receive the use variance (from the board), we will have to come back (to present) a formal site plan application,” the attorney said.

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