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Hopewell resident: Under Peters-Manning, Chait leadership, property tax rates lowered for all township residents

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Did you know that property tax information for every home in the Township is available on the Hopewell Township website?

I looked on the website the other day and learned something interesting. Both Republican candidates for Hopewell Township Committee will pay less in property taxes in 2022 than they paid in 2021. You can check for yourself — go to the Tax/Utility Bills section of the Township’s website and enter their names.

Why are they paying lower taxes? Because the Township Committee under the leadership of Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning and Committee Member David Chait lowered the property tax rate for all Hopewell Township residents.

I always thought Republicans favored lower tax rates. There is a whispering campaign that all residents did not benefit from this rate cut. It’s true that if your home was revalued this tax year, your taxes may have changed. But that’s because your house is worth more.

The whispering campaign may get louder. So, if someone suggests to you that Courtney and David did not lower the property tax rate, you now know the truth. Don’t believe the hype from their opponents — and remember that their opponents have benefitted from the rate reduction!

I am voting for Courtney Peters-Manning and David Chait for Hopewell Township Committee. I hope you will too.

Bill Stolow

Hopewell Township

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