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Princeton Democratic organizations call out ‘hateful rhetoric’ in school board race

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) and the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee (PDMC) have always maintained a hands-off policy when it comes to school board elections, which are non-partisan. As organizations, we do not financially support, endorse, or hold debates for school board candidates. Further, we hold dear our right to free speech, including political speech. That said, we are writing today to call out hateful rhetoric aimed at our communities of color and the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community that emerged within the school board race.

We urge residents to use credible sources for their research for this, and every, election and candidate. Please read the candidates’ public statements, watch their debates, and reach out to the candidates themselves. There are profiles on the candidates in almost every local publication in town, all of which provide free digital access. Importantly, do not allow yourself to be influenced by coded messages or veiled bigotry.

Princeton residents have worked hard to create a community that welcomes those who have historically been marginalized. We stand for policies that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all Princeton residents, most especially children. We value all candidates who espouse these tenets and dedicate themselves to working to ensure a brighter future.

We have an important election this year, and these topics will not go away after Election Day. Please continue to stay informed, attend local meetings, and call out disinformation when you hear it.

Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee
Owen O’Donnell, chair
Felicia Spitz, 1st vice chair
Michael Krevitskie, 2nd vice chair

Princeton Community Democratic Organization
Thomas A. Parker, president
Jane Manners, 1st vice president
Denny Velazquez, 2nd vice president
Nick DiDomizio, treasurer

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