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Criterion Sentinel: Preliminary election results

There were elections for seats on the municipal governing body for Metuchen and for the unexpired Ward 1 seat in Woodbridge during the general election Nov. 8.

There were also elections for seats on the Boards of Education (BOE) in Metuchen, Edison and Woodbridge.

The results listed here reflect what has been posted online by the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office at this time.

The results are not final and it is not known when the results will be final. These are the results as of press time Nov. 9.

The results of the election will remain unofficial until they are certified.

Metuchen Borough Council – Vote for 2

Democratic incumbent Dorothy Rasmussen, with 3,623 votes, and Candidate Lisa Hyman, with 3,546 votes, currently lead Republican candidates Eric Lignell, who has received 1,865 votes, and Richard Thoren, who has received 1,794 votes.

Woodbridge Township Council Ward 1 – Vote for 1

Democratic candidate Sharon McAuliffe, with 2,518 votes, leads Republican candidate John Vrtaric, who has received 2,124 votes.

Edison BOE – Vote for 3

Former Board of Education member Joseph Romano, with 8,542 votes, Board member Xiaohan “Shannon” Peng, with 8,018 votes, and Candidate Vishal Patel, with 7,246 votes, currently lead the 10 candidates.

Board member Kevin Hajduk follows with 6,176 votes, Board member Shivi Prasad-Madhukar, with 5,338 votes, Candidate Manasi Mathur, with 4,886 votes, Yash Pandya, with 3,205 votes, Minesh Patel, with 2,939 votes, Nisha Banginwar, with 2,738 votes, and Christo Makropoulos has received 2,056 votes.

There are 172 write-in votes.

Metuchen BOE – Vote for 3

Board members Alicia Sneddon Killean, with 3,542 votes, Eric Suss, with 3,450 votes, and Jonathan Lifton, with 3,227 votes, currently lead the five candidates.

Candidate Michael Cummings follows with 1,455 votes and John “Jack” Hand has received 1,334 votes.

There are 107 write-in votes.

Woodbridge BOE – Vote for 3

Board members Joseph Velez, with 11,580 votes, Jonathan Triebwasser, with 10,271 votes, and Akshar “AJ” Sidana, with 10,025 votes, lead over Candidate Thomas E. Maras, who has received 8,128 votes.

There are 278 write-in votes.

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