Eatontown landlords must identify rent controlled units on annual basis


EATONTOWN — Officials in Eatontown have amended the borough’s rent control ordinance and will now require landlords to notify the borough’s housing officer of the addresses or unit identifications of all rent-controlled residences on an annual basis.

During a meeting on Nov. 10, council members adopted an ordinance that amends the vacant housing decontrolled section of the rent control chapter in Eatontown’s municipal codebook.

The amended ordinance added a sentence to the existing statute and states that the landlord of any housing space, dwelling, apartment or mobile home park will be required to provide Eatontown’s housing officer with the address or other identifying information of all rent controlled units under their ownership or control on Jan. 1 of each year.

The ordinance states that in the case of mobile homes, the park’s owner will be required to identify housing units and land lots that are rent controlled.

According to the ordinance, any housing space, dwelling, apartment or mobile home in Eatontown that is presently vacant or becomes vacant during or at the end of a lease term will be permanently decontrolled, which will allow the landlord to set the rent at market rates.

Once any housing space, dwelling, apartment or mobile home becomes decontrolled, the unit will no longer be afforded the rights or remedies set forth by Eatontown, according to the ordinance.

In regular business during a meeting on Oct. 26, the council members authorized borough officials to extend a contract with the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for animal control services in Eatontown.

According to a resolution, the animal control services contract will be effective from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2023. The MCSPCA, which has its headquarters at 260 Wall St. in the borough, will receive an annual fee of $1,500 for the services.