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Hopewell Township mayor, committee member thank supporters, opponents in election

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Thank you to all Hopewell Township residents who voted in the 2022 general election and exercised the incredible privilege our democracy provides. Thank you also for re-electing us to the Hopewell Township Committee.

It has been an honor to serve you on the Township Committee and work for the people of Hopewell Township. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve and we’re more committed than ever to all residents of Hopewell Township.

We care deeply about your concerns and are committed to always listen, learn, and champion the needs of residents whether you voted for us or not. With that, we encourage residents to reach out with questions, concerns, or anything we can ever do to help. We can be reached cpeters-manning@hopewelltwp.org or dchait@hopewelltwp.org.

We’d also like to thank our opponents Jenn DiDonato and Dan Hanley for their service to our community through the Bear Tavern PTO, YMCA, and other areas, as well as for their candidacy and willingness to serve. We wish them both and their families the best going forward.

Thank you again for the continued opportunity to serve our community.

Courtney Peters-Manning, Hopewell Township Mayor
David Chait, Hopewell Township Committee Member

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