Democratic incumbent, former Republican councilman win seats in Milltown Borough Council race


The Middlesex County Clerk’s Office has finalized election results.

The contested race in the general election on Nov. 8 for two, three-year seats on the municipal governing body for Milltown was a close one.

The school board race in Milltown was uncontested and seats for Helmetta Borough Council was also uncontested.

Milltown Borough Council – Two, three-year terms

Democratic incumbent Phil Zambrana received 1,316 votes and Republican John Collins, a former council member, received 1,294 votes, in their winning bids for the two, three-year term seats available in the general election.

Democratic candidate Patricia Payne received 1,287 votes and Republican candidate Gary Posnansky received 1,284 votes, in their losing bids for the seats.

There were 10 write-in votes cast.

Prior to the election, Zambrana shared what he would like to work on if reelected.

“I would like to continue to concentrate on the finances of the town. I believe that I was elected as a Councilman three years ago, because the residents had faith that I could and would get things done. We have been able to accomplish a lot in the last three years, and I want to keep moving forward, while not forgetting where we came from. Especially since this is ‘Our Town and Our Future,'” he said.

Helmetta Borough Council – Two, three-year terms

Incumbent Joseph W. Reid, who is serving as board president, has received 350 votes. He was the only name on the ballot. There were 42 write-in votes cast.

Milltown Board of Education – Three, three-year terms

Incumbents Jennifer Gebbia Spisso, who is serving as board vice president and Carl Schneider, who is serving as board president, were the only names on the ballot. Spisso received 1,667 votes and Schneider has received 1,338 votes.

Prior to the election, Gebbia Spisso and Schneider shared what they would like work on if reelected.

Gebbia Spisso: Communication between the schools and their stakeholders is an important area we should concentrate on. Transparency with collaborative relationships where all stakeholders are welcome to participate.

Schneider: To continue to reinforce to the community all the positive things that happen in our schools. Although there are constantly challenges, there is always the need to make sure the focus remains on all the successes of our schools thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our administrators, teachers, and support staff in the Milltown School District.

There were 157 write-in votes cast.