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Bordentown deputy mayor will serve another term; Incumbents, newcomer win seats on Bordentown Regional BOE

The Burlington County Board of Elections have certified election results.

There were elections for seats on the municipal governing body for Bordentown Township Committee and Bordentown Regional Board of Education (BOE) during the general election on Nov. 8.

Bordentown Township Committee – Vote for 1

Democratic candidate Eugene M. Fuzy, who currently is serving as deputy mayor, received 2,747 votes in the uncontested race for the seat. There were 43 personal choice votes.

Bordentown Regional BOE – Vote for 3

Candidate Laura Papp received 2,356 votes, Stephen P. Heberling with 1,801 votes and Larry Braasch received 1,419 votes for their winning bids for the seats.

Candidate Richard Shenowski received 1,317 votes and Candidate Joann Holman received 1,131 votes in their losing bids for the seats. There were 29 personal choice votes.

The three open seats on the BOE are part of the Bordentown Township section of the board. No Bordentown City or Fieldsboro seats were up for election this year.

Non-Binding referendum

A non-binding referendum question received 2,183 “yes” votes and 1,508 “no” votes.

The question asked Bordentown Township residents whether or not they were in favor of a 2-cent tax (per $100 of assessed value) dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of open space and recreation land. If assessed, the average homeowner would pay approximately $50 per year ($4 per month) toward the earmarked funds.

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