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Metuchen ‘Law and Order’ edition: North Carolina man allegedly claims he was Jonesdale Avenue homeowner

METUCHEN – The Metuchen Police Department used a bit of “Law and Order” humor as they posted recent police beat items on its social media page.

On Metuchen’s edition of “Law and Order,” police apprehended a North Carolina man and charged him with burglary and defiant trespass at a Jonesdale Avenue residence.

On Nov. 25, police on patrol were dispatched to Jonesdale Avenue in response to a report that a resident witnessed an unknown male in his neighbor’s backyard on Nov. 25.

Police were already in the area investigating a similar report on Woodbridge Avenue involving a suspect with a similar description. When patrol arrived at the residence on Jonesdale Avenue, they surrounded the home. Officers then entered the home through an unsecure rear door, according to police.

As police made entry, a male – later identified as a 43-year-old South Fairmont, N.C. man – came out the front door allegedly stating that he was the homeowner.

After some inquiries, it was determined the man was not the homeowner nor had any legitimate reason to be in the residence, police said.

In another police item, police said residential surveillance videos helped them nab a 42-year-old Edison man and connect him to multiple motor vehicle burglaries in the borough.

The man was charged with four counts of criminal attempt and burglary, according to police.

On Nov. 16, police on patrol had made contact with a suspicious male, later identified as the Edison man, walking on foot in the area of recent motor vehicle burglaries. After an investigation, detectives were able to connect the man to multiple motor vehicle burglaries in Metuchen.

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