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West Windsor Police: Pair distract woman, steal victim’s wallet

A man and a woman working as a team distracted a shopper at Marshall’s at the Windsor Green shopping center and allegedly stole the victim’s wallet from her purse, which had been left in the top basket of the victim’s shopping cart, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

The victim told police that the woman approached her and asked her if she spoke Spanish on Nov. 13. The victim said she did not speak Spanish, but the woman started showing the victim a pair of pants. She tried to help the woman, until the woman abruptly walked away with a man who had accompanied her, police said.

The victim discovered her wallet was missing when she tried to check out of the store about 10 minutes later, police said. She said she believed the man stole her wallet from her purse while she was being distracted by the woman.

A short time later, one of the victim’s stolen credit cards was allegedly used at Best Buy on Nassau Park Boulevard to try to make a purchase in the amount of $2,664.50, police said.

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