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Democrats to take control of Cranbury Township Committee as new year begins

Cranbury's Town Hall on 23 N Main St. during the afternoon on March 17.

Come January 2023, the governing body of the Cranbury Township Committee will consist of all Democrats.

The governing body in 2023 will consist of Committeewoman Barbara Rogers, Committeewoman Eman El-Badawi, Committeeman Mike Ferrante, Committeeman Matt Scott and Committeewoman Lisa Knierim.

When the Township Committee reorganization meeting takes place on Jan. 3, Rogers and Knierim will be sworn-in to serve their three-year terms on the body.

In the 2022 November general election, Rogers secured her second term on the Township Committee. Rogers received 942 votes in the election.

“The best part about this election was going out and speaking to people on the campaign trail. It was nice to hear they enjoy reading my monthly Mayor’s Updates and find out what is working and what they want more help with,” she said.

Rogers added that getting re-elected is a validation of the work “we’ve been doing and gives me momentum to tackle all the unfinished business” that she has been involved with, such as the bike network, reducing truck traffic, and climate resiliency.

“It’s important to me that I am able to do things that benefit all residents. But right now, I’m just thankful for all the support and positive feedback that I’ve received,” she said.

Knierim, in her bid for a first term on the governing body, earned the second open seat in a tight race with Republican Committeewoman Evelyn Spann, who was also seeking her second term on the body.

“I am so grateful to the Cranbury Community for electing me to the Township Committee.  I have found the entire process of running for this position a positive experience,” Knierim said.

Knierim was able to become the newest member to the Township Committee after receiving 863 votes to Spann’s 857 votes earned.

“My areas of focus are exactly what I spoke to hundreds of residents about: fiscal responsibility for the town and making sure we are managing our budget towards the community’s needs; making the warehouse district active members of our community versus passive; and balance preservation and business development initiatives,” she said.

Knierim added that aligned with her platform, she would like to work with Spann “to see if I can help and continue working on issues that the residents of Cranbury entrusted her with.”

Spann, who was the sole Republican on the Township Committee during her term, said she does not plan to run again for Township Committee at this time.

“There is plenty of work to be done in Cranbury. The volunteers in our town are incredible and are a testament to ‘many hands make light work,'” she said.

“If we all take a turn, as I have taken mine on the Township Committee and school board, it all gets done. I am very happy to have served.”

Whether Spann would seek political office outside of the Township Committee, she also said, “no plans as of yet.”

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