Cranbury Township Committee outlines goals for 2023

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Chillas
Heritage Park in Cranbury Township.

Cranbury Township Committee members laid out their goals for 2023 – keep municipal taxes stable for residents and implement a walking path through Village Park.

Mayor Mike Ferrante, along with fellow Township Committee members, outlined the governing body’s goals, items they will monitor, and projects proposed at a Township Committee meeting on Jan. 9.

The goals highlighted by Ferrante and discussed by the Township Committee include:

Build a 2023 budget that keeps the municipal portion of taxes as stable as possible, while maximizing resident value. 

Successfully implement the Village Park ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) -complaint walking path. 

“It is in the township engineer’s hands at this point. Parks has said ‘Yes, we want this.’ We have the money for it,” said Denise Marabello, township administrator. “We are just waiting on the engineer. He is about ready to go out and bid for it and they were completing the bid specifications.”

She added that the project will be implemented in the spring/summer and complete in 2023.

Successfully complete the Plainsboro Road resurfacing project. 

“This is a New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) grant that we applied for and won. A grant is for about $400,000,” Ferrante said. “This is resurfacing Plainsboro Road from Maplewood through a good stretch past the residential space and includes a crosswalk at O’Brien Road.”

Successfully monitor the Petty Road resurfacing.

“This one is a bit of a placeholder. This is not in our purview, but for those of you that know this is an agreement with Tolls Brothers [developer],” Ferrante said. “They are basically putting a force main sewer down Petty Road and when they are done their goal is to return it to its original condition.”

Marabello said the township anticipates and hopes that the road will be completed by the developer in 2023.

Partner with Cranbury Housing Associates (CHA) and Ingerman on the walkway connection to Bennett. 

“The Ingerman connection, the walking path is actually through Village Park. It is a nonpaved and non-lit path,” Ferrante said. “The idea on the table that was proposed was to actually connect the walkway of Ingerman onto Bennett Way, so it is connecting the Ingerman development with the CHA development.”

Ferrante noted that the goal is a safe passage to school for the high school kids, especially during the times when it is dark.

Other highlighted goals include to implement a holistic and consistent signage program including Station Road gateway signs and support the Board of Education in their long-term construction project.