Preserving farmland


Hillsborough Township puts Auten Road farm up for public bid

Traverse through Hillsborough Township and it’s hard to miss the many farms and farmland the township is home to.

The township is adding to its stock. Officials put an Auten Road farm property totaling 58.71 acres up for public bid in an effort to further preserve farmland. The township had owned the parcel.

Deputy Mayor Robert Britting announced the township’s move to award the sale of farmland for preservation at a Township Committee meeting on Feb. 28.

Going forward this parcel can only be sold and used as farmland, as it now carries a deed restriction, officials said.

“This farm must stay a farm into perpetuity,” said Britting, who serves as liaison to the Agricultural Advisory Committee.

Mayor Shawn Lipani added that over the years, both the Open Space Advisory Committee and the Hillsborough Agricultural Advisory Committee recommended the sale of the farm properties.

“Land preservation remains a top priority in Hillsborough Township and each parcel preserved and protected from development maintains that goal,” Britting said, adding that the new owners of the Auten Road farm will begin farming for the spring growing season.