People helping people


PenFed Credit Union donates $125,000 to support Rise

PenFed Credit Union, the nation’s second-largest federal credit union, furthered its partnership with Rise, a nonprofit providing services in the Hightstown/East Windsor area, with a $125,000 donation in support of “Rise Powered by PenFed.”

“uRise” is an online hub for local creators to share their passions and skills to uplift others as they connect with community, manage well-being and mindfulness, and acquire new skills and knowledge. uRise celebrates both content creators and content users and has partnered with a variety of content providers, from local corporations to small businesses and individuals, who are sharing their services and unique skill sets with the community in the form of online classes, events, videos and one-on-one connections with users. While many of the portal’s virtual programs step-stone to in-person programming, much of the online content is continually refreshed to remain relevant.

PenFed’s initial $100,000 investment in uRise in 2021 and ongoing support helped to create a vital and vibrant connection to learning, community and care. Classes are available for children and families, teens, seniors and English language learners.

“PenFed is proud to continue our support for the Hightstown and East Windsor communities,” said PenFed President/CEO and PenFed Foundation CEO James Schenck.

“PenFed was founded on the credit union mission of ‘people helping people’ and Rise shares in our mission. Together we are providing meaningful support to uplift our communities.”

The uRise online portal is free and accessible for all, includes content for users of all ages and abilities, and can be translated into either English or Spanish to help serve a broad audience.

“I am thrilled to announce that uRise powered by PenFed has received a generous donation to support our mission of providing accessible education and resources to underserved
communities,” said Executive Director of Rise Leslie Koppel. “Increased funding by PenFed will help uRise expand and improve its offerings, both online and in-person. This will enable uRise to inspire more creators, engage more users, and establish a consistent and sustainable in-person offering through the uRise Campus. We are incredibly grateful for PenFed’s commitment to education and their partnership in this important work.”

To learn more about uRise, or to become a member, click here.