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Sponsored: How to Choose Exterior House Colors and Accents like a Pro 

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Note the Rule of Three. The white windows and garage doors create contrast with the larger field of dark blue siding, while the natural wood door and shutters add a third, warmer accent color.

Whether you plan to install vinyl or fiber cement siding, or update your paintable siding, here are tips for picking exterior house colors with confidence. 

Follow A Few Rules 

Most designers stick closely to a tried-and-true principle called the Rule of Three. 

Rule of Three 

The best designers involve no more than three colors in their designs (plus black and white, which are technically neutrals), applied in a ratio of 60-30-10. It’s no coincidence that most home exteriors use a combination of three colors – one dominant shade for the main siding, a supporting color for doors, windows, and trim, and an accent color to be used sparingly (60-30-10). 

Rules of Thumb 

If all of that feels far too complicated, the team at B&B Siding and Roofing came up with some general rules of thumb to get you started: 

  • If you have a brown roof, go with beige siding options 
  • If you have black windows and trim, explore gray siding options 
  • Use the same accent color for all casing, trim, soffits, fascia, and gutters 
  • Use the same accent color for doors and shutters (unless going bold with the front door, then match shutters to trim) 

It’s important to note that light colors can make a home feel larger, more inviting, and appear visually closer to the street. Although darker colors can make a house visually recede from the curb, they can also make a house feel more substantial, like the home has permanence.

Consider How Color Makes People Feel 

Color affects mood. Although individual tastes vary, there are general truths about color that have been universally accepted – such as warmer reds and oranges are more energizing, and cooler blues and greens are more calming. Before you choose your exterior palette, consider the meaning of individual colors and the mood you want to establish as your home’s all-important first impression. 

Notice how the balanced color selection evokes timeless elegance.

Putting your House on the Market? 

Consider neutral colors that appeal to the broadest range of people possible, and ask your realtor to recommend colors that will help sell your home faster. Avoid bold colors, or too many colors, which may feel like a visual assault to some buyers, and could hurt your sales price. 

Updating Your Forever Home? 

Choose colors that make you happy every time you pull into the driveway. But make it an overall palette your neighbors can live with, too. Again, you may love bold and bright colors, but consider using them in moderation. The front door is a great place to set the tone of your home, and let your personality shine, through color. 

Find Inspiration 

One of the biggest design trends is black accents with white siding. It’s a simple way to give your home a more modern touch. The new portico above the front door also adds dimension to the home and instantly boosts curb appeal.

If you’re struggling to come up with color options, try driving around your favorite neighborhoods to find inspiration. Take photos of the color combinations you like, and make a mental note of the palettes that look out of place. Knowing what you like, and what you don’t like, are both equally helpful. 

Look at Past Work 

If you’re hiring a contractor to install siding or to paint your home, ask for addresses of current and former job sites. Drive by the projects to see the color combinations in natural light on actual houses, and to gauge the quality of the contractor’s work.

The impact of changing your siding, trim and color is transformational.
Get inspiration from B&B Siding and Roofing’s recent exterior home remodel project.

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Seek An Outside Opinion 

Contact the team at B&B Siding and Roofing. Our experienced advisors know the latest color trends and are skilled at helping people choose exterior home color palettes. Contact us any time for a no-pressure consult. Call 732-889-7323 or visit bbsiding.com.


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Notice how the balanced color selection evokes timeless elegance.
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