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Hopewell Borough resident supports Ferrara for mayor

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

We are fortunate that Marylou Ferrara is seeking the nomination in the Democratic race for mayor.  Many factors affect local ordinances and budgets, water supply, and development for which we need a qualified leader and progressive values.

I first learned about Marylou when she served on the Hopewell Township committee starting in 1998. One of the first things she did in office was to video the municipal meetings which greatly increased transparency and communication. It seems standard now but it was a leap forward at that time. Marylou served several terms on the Township committee, and presided as mayor for two terms. Her contributions vastly improved the governance and master plan in Hopewell to maintain the quality of life we all love.

Marylou went on to serve two terms on the board of trustees of the Watershed Institute, and served the board of the Sourland Conservancy as vice president. Since Marylou moved back to Hopewell Borough in 2016 she has served as a member of the Planning Board. She is a proven leader and an advocate for Hopewell’s interests.

Residents have the opportunity to learn about the candidates and local government at events and through the League of Women Voters such as the vote411.org website.

Heidi Willenius is on the ballot to be nominated as the Democratic nominee for Borough Council. Marylou and Heidi have worked together in the community and they both will build timely and effective communication with the community, traffic and pedestrian safety, and support for the business community. They are running a no-cost campaign, so you will not see paid advertisements. Look for the upcycled, low-waste yard signs in Hopewell Borough for Marylou and Heidi.

Hopewell Borough voters need to do a little homework to get informed about the candidates, and vote on June 6.  Residents who are unaffiliated with a political party and want to vote in the Democratic Primary can declare their affiliation at the polls.

June Schwank


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