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Planning Board to consider Open Space and Recreation Plan

Planning Board to consider Open Space and Recreation Plan

Bordentown Township Engineer Fred Turek will present an updated Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) element at the next Planning Board meeting on Sept. 14.

An updated OSRP allows for the Township to obtain grants and reimbursement funds through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres program, officials said.

The goals and objections of the OSRP include:

  1. Provide connections between recreations facilities, parks, open spaces and schools that establishes a pedestrian and bicycle trail system throughout the township creating a seamless link from Northern Community Park at the north end of the township to the future Waterfront Park on the Delaware River.
  2. Preserve and protect natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas.
  3. Provide waterfront access to the Delaware River including trails, viewing areas, kayaking, fishing, boating and various water activities.
  4. Provide flexible open space for event programming including special events, outdoor fitness programs, outdoor educational opportunities and nature-based community events.
  5. Improve on and expand existing parks to provide additional site amenities including restrooms, playground equipment, shelters, kiosks, trash receptacles and benches.
  6. Partner with private and public sectors to generate recreation programs and to streamline communication with the residents to opportunities and schedules.
  7. Utilize County, Regional, and State resources to improve and enhance the township’s park and recreation system.
  8. Ensure that the passive and active recreation needs and desires of all ages, economic background and abilities of residents are satisfied within Bordentown Township.

Bordentown Township has one state park – Delaware & Raritan State Park; one county park – Crystal Lake Park and one park that crosses several regions – Abbott Marshlands.

The township currently owns the following parks and open space areas:

  • Northern Community Park
  • Veterans Park (Joseph H. Lawrence Park)
  • Charles Bossert Park
  • Seth Hand Park
  • Terry Field
  • Laurel Park
  • Dix Park
  • Constitution Park
  • Waterfront Park
  • Municipal Open Space.

The Planning Board will listen to a presentation of the Open Space and Recreation Plan element and consider it for adoption as part of the Official Township Master Plan. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in Municipal Court Chambers at 1 Municipal Dr.