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Maryland man shoplifts, leads police on a foot chase

A Baltimore man was charged with shoplifting and leading police on a foot chase after he allegedly took nearly $2,900 worth of merchandise from Wegmans Aug. 18, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

The man allegedly went to the health and beauty aisles, selected items and put them inside reusable shopping bags, police said. He put the shopping bags in a cart and left it in the aisle. He then walked out of the store.

He returned a few minutes later and went over to the shopping cart, police said. He allegedly pushed the shopping cart toward the exit, picked up a few more items and left without paying.

A Wegmans asset protection agent followed the man and tried to stop him in the parking lot, police said. The man allegedly abandoned the shopping cart and fled as police officers arrived.

The police officers chased him on foot through the parking lot. He ran to the back of the Burlington store, where he gave up and surrendered to the officers.

The man was taken to police headquarters, where he was processed and released.

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