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East Windsor resident: Fix the light

I live on Woodland Drive in East Windsor and I have called JCP&L to fix a lamp pole that has been out on my street for I’m guessing close to a year.

The last time I called JCP&L on Oct. 27. They told me it will take at least 10 days to have someone evaluate the problem and see what the issue is… well they said 10 days back in August and 10 days when I called in September.

Now it’s 10 days and we are in mid-November. In addition to my phone calls, two of my neighbors have phoned JCPL because having this light out effects their houses at night as well. They don’t seem to be listening after numerous requests to get this fixed!

It’s VERY dark on our street with this light out. Taxes are not cheap in East Windsor and we would all like to be able to see better outside of our houses at night.

This light has been out periodically throughout the 10 years that I have lived here but the light was always eventually “fixed” after a much shorter period of time.

I have noticed this light has been out for about a year with no fix.

Joanne Thiel

East Windsor Township

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