Cranbury School to begin construction on referendum projects


Cranbury School’s long-awaited referendum projects will officially begin construction this week.

Construction is starting after school with the Academic Commons, which is the former school library space, and the Main Office projects on March 22.

“Due to the age of certain sections of our school building, some asbestos abatement is needed in the construction areas, hence the start during spring break,” said Jennifer Diszler, principal and chief school administrator at The Cranbury School, in a letter to the school community.

“While occupied abatement is deemed safe, we are choosing to do all abatement work when school is not in session.”

When April 1 arrives, there will be changes implemented for parking and the parking lot traffic pattern as construction for the Academic Commons and Main Office projects continue.

A satellite main office is being established at a Cranbury School entrance near the sidewalk pathway section for people’s entrance to the gym.

New Cranbury School parking lot traffic pattern to be implemented on April 1.

This satellite main office will be the only entry way for any visitors to the school.

“There will be some impact to the inside of the school as well,” Diszler said, adding there will be some construction noise. “Students and school visitors will notice that a wall has been built from the main office doors to the end of the current library.

“This will close off the construction space to the public. This hallway will still be accessible for students and staff.”

The Cranbury School plans to revamp the construction page on the school website to include an up-to-date schedule, communications, and information on the construction projects.

Constriction on the Academic Commons and the Main Office projects will continue through the end of the school year

“…Looking ahead, construction on the auditorium and other spaces will begin this summer,” Diszler said.

The school was able to move forward on the construction of its referendum projects after entering negotiations with contractors. The Cranbury Township Board of Education awarded Benjamin R. Harvey, Co. Inc, a construction company in Ocean, with a $15.8 million construction contract in December 2023.

Modifications had to be made to the bid specifications to get to the awarded bid price within budget, school officials said.

Some of the modifications included an alternate stage wood flooring system, a change to the theatrical rigging system, change in the stage lighting and theatrical dimming control package, modifications to eliminate traffic control measures, and change to the kitchen equipment manufacturer on select equipment.