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A job well done

Two Hillsborough Township police officers named 'top cops' for 2023

Officer Dillon Kelly

The Hillsborough Township Police Department recognizes two officers – one from each of the department’s patrol squads – for their performance every year.

Dillon Kelly and James Sakers III were named “top cops” for 2023. Both officers have been with the department since 2019.

Kelly is the recipient of several command citations, letters of appreciation, as well as several supervisory commendations such as a lifesaving award. He also serves as a field training officer for the department. This is Kelly’s second time receiving the Top Cop award.

Sakers III has been a designated a field training officer. Sakers is the recipient of several command citations as well as supervisory commendations. He is also the recipient of several letters of appreciation, from the community, for a job well done during the performance of his duties. This is Sakers’ first time receiving the Top Cop award. 

The Hillsborough Township Police Department continues its program aimed at recognizing the performance of its top-rated officers. The award recipients are determined based upon a score obtained from their Annual Job Performance Evaluations, along with a ranking achieved from their respective supervisors and peers. As a result of their hard work, an acknowledgement of the award is placed in the officers’ permanent personnel file and a special award bar is presented to each officer to be worn above his uniform badge. 

In addition, the officers’ names will be engraved on a plaque displayed in the lobby of police headquarters, which memorializes each year’s winners since the program’s inception in 1996. 

Officer James Sakers III
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