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Cranbury establishes new Parks and Recreation Commission

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Chillas
Heritage Park in Cranbury Township.

Cranbury no longer has separate commissions for Parks and Recreation.

The Township Committee voted to dissolve both commissions to form one Parks and Recreation Commission on April 8.

“As a liaison to Parks and Recreation last year I think this is evidence of smart governance,” Committeeman Matt Scott said. “I feel like this is a good move to unify these two committees.

“We had a lot of back and forth about who was responsible for what last year especially concerning pickle ball and the new playground.”

By combining both commissions there will be an easier time getting a quorum to conduct meetings and designate responsibilities on certain items or projects, Scott explained.

“Making any new projects we want to push forward easier to get done.”

The new commission will consist of seven members and two alternates. Terms for regular members on the commission are three years.

To begin, three members will be appointed to three-year terms, two members for two-year terms, and two members for one-year terms.

Additionally, the two alternates are one-year terms.

Kellie Lavery, Deepak Ramakrishnan, Brendan Hanson, Katie Harmon, Omar Mobin-Uddin, Sally O’Grady, and Adam Knierim are serving as the seven members.

The two alternates for 2024 are Christina Ftikas and Fallon Szczur. Committeeman Mike Ferrante is the township liaison this year for the commission.

The Parks and Recreation Commission appoints the recreation director, which is done in consultation with the Township Committee, and the body also develops and implements recreation programs and activities.

The new commission also has the responsibility of operating and maintaining senior programming and the senior center.

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