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Vote By Mail ballots need ‘immediate attention’

The new Vote By Mail law enacted this year in New Jersey required ballots be sent to whoever voted by mail two years ago,...

NJDEP is letting us down with proposed power plant in the Meadowlands

In July, the Diamond Generating Corp. proposed a $1.5 billion project to build a gas power plant in the heart of the New Jersey...
Pfc. Derek Vasquez

Veterans Day 2018

The year 2018 marks the centennial of the end of World War I. The conclusion of “The War to End All Wars” inspired the...

Support needed for the Civic Info Bill

The vast majority of Americans are most concerned with receiving information that directly impacts their lives. Unfortunately in New Jersey, this has not always...

East Brunswick mayor asks for members for East Brunswick Arts Coalition

Earlier this year, my administration and the council worked to create a nonprofit organization to promote and advance the arts in East Brunswick. We...

East Brunswick Day showcased good neighbors making good neighbors

The East Brunswick chapter of Hadassah wishes to thank Mayor Brad Cohen and the staff of the Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Services...

Becker, Reiss and Shaw – Proven leadership for strong, safe schools

I urge East Brunswick voters to return Vicki Becker, Barbara Reiss and Meredith Shaw to our Board of Education on Nov. 6. Of all the...

Unions have contributed to a growing middle class in America

By Marilyn Weich Susan Fischer’s recent letter to the editor, "Teacher Supports Court's Union Dues Ruling," referred to her 30-year teaching career and her ongoing...

Keep East Brunswick school board free from partisan politics

When East Brunswick’s school elections were moved to November several years ago, we were immediately concerned that our non-partisan and apolitical Board of Education...

Beautiful October

October is a relaxing month. The summer heat is passing and cooler mornings and evenings start to prevail. Crops have been picked and the...

Poet hopes to inspire students to be safe while driving

I write poems for the Hall's Corner Senior Apartments newsletter. One that I wrote, "On the Road," seems appropriate since school is starting. It...

The beauty, resolve of September mornings

“September Morn” is a painting by Paul Emile Chabas, completed in September of 1911. The painting depicts a nude young woman standing ankle deep...

East Brunswick, be careful, before you turn into Monroe

I read the letter in last week’s Sentinel from East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen and he hit the nail on the head. I was...

Do planners in East Brunswick realize the effect of new development on Spotswood?

Here we go again. Another developer looking to take the money and run, disregarding the future problems the project will cause. I'm talking about...

Churches should not contribute to animal suffering

I am writing about an upcoming event at an area Middlesex County church in mid-September. Members are hosting a pig roast as a fundraiser...

There is a big difference between development and redevelopment

With talk of development filling the airwaves, newspapers and social media outlets, I feel the need to make a public comment. Much of what...

September 2, 1945: Formal Japanese surrender

On Dec. 7,1941, the Japanese celebrated what they believed was a great victory in destroying the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. Yes, they destroyed...
Matt Denton

V-J Day: War is over

The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought an immediate response from the Emperor of Japan. He ordered his country’s forces...
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