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Neighbor concerned over Golden Corner project

I have been following the events of the proposed Golden Corner construction site on the intersection between Summerhill and Old Stage roads since becoming...
Matt Denton

The Atomic Bomb

On Aug. 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a B-29 bomber, took off from Tinian Island and dropped a nuclear bomb over the Japanese city...
Matt Denton

Korea, 65 years later

Japan had occupied Korea since 1910. At the conclusion of World War II, the United Nations, in its infinite wisdom, decided to partition the...

Reader asks, what happened to Monroe Township?

I moved to Monroe Township 16 years ago from East Brunswick because it was more country and a great place to retire after our...
Eric Sucar

Happy birthday America

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a place called America. It was a vast wilderness between two great oceans. Some...

New Jersey Indivisible groups concerned about hazardous waste

We the undersigned represent six New Jersey Indivisible groups with a membership of 3,000 active and concerned voters. We are writing to express our...

Resident disappointed in current state of Helmetta

Is it any mystery why droves of people are leaving New Jersey and the small quaint towns that once conjured up images of Mayberry? Small...

When ‘all hell broke loose’

On June 5, 1944, coded radio messages were broadcast into Europe alerting the underground that what was long anticipated and anxiously awaited was about...

Poppy sales represent a wonderful May

I have always loved the balmy days of May. Maybe it was because everything was in bloom to prepare nature’s summer wardrobe. Or, was...

Corona Road should be evaluated in East Brunswick

I totally agree with East Brunswick lowering the speed limits on township roads. Going one step further, the speed limit on Corona Road should...

Memorial Day is perfect time to show respect for fallen heroes

May is filled with special days: Mother’s Day, the start of some of the year’s most beautiful weather and the time when we begin...

Milltown resident sells home due to water/sewer rate increase

After watching another utility rate increase imposed by the Republican-led Milltown Borough Council and mayor at the meeting on March 26, I couldn’t remain...

The summer of decision

Harry Truman had no sooner moved into the oval office as our 33rd president when Germany collapsed. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had his hands on the...

Spring brings eternal hopes

The bare Forsythia bushes next to my house have started to be speckled with small yellow buds, while not far away a daffodil sprout...
Matt Denton

Spirit of young airmen evident at Air Force base

I don’t remember the date in the early '50s, that as part of a U.S. Army team I drove a battle-ready tank off the...

People, dogs join together to fight cancer

On Sunday, April 29, volunteers from the American Cancer Society will be joining forces with residents of New Jersey and their dogs to take steps...

Reader supports referendum for middle school in Monroe

I have been keenly following the developments over the past few years that led to the school referendum in Monroe. I have served on...
Eric Sucar

Reader: We will not stand for the murder of our children

Last month, bullets again ripped through a school, killing innocent students and teachers who had every right to expect they would be safe inside...
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