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Unions have contributed to a growing middle class in America

By Marilyn Weich Susan Fischer’s recent letter to the editor, "Teacher Supports Court's Union Dues Ruling," referred to her 30-year teaching career and her ongoing...

Reader urges legalized marijuana for adults 18 and over

For many years, I worked at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft and proudly served as a National Education Association/New Jersey Education Association union officer....

Beautiful October

October is a relaxing month. The summer heat is passing and cooler mornings and evenings start to prevail. Crops have been picked and the...

The beauty, resolve of September mornings

“September Morn” is a painting by Paul Emile Chabas, completed in September of 1911. The painting depicts a nude young woman standing ankle deep...

Reader thanks Congressman Smith

Dear Editor, Over the past few years my mom has been becoming increasingly forgetful due to dementia, most likely Alzheimer’s disease.  In just a few short...

Check out the ‘fun’ in fungi

By Michele S. Byers How many times have you bent down to check out a mushroom, only to be told, “Stop! It may be poisonous!” New...
Matt Denton

The Atomic Bomb

On Aug. 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a B-29 bomber, took off from Tinian Island and dropped a nuclear bomb over the Japanese city...
Eric Sucar

Happy birthday America

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a place called America. It was a vast wilderness between two great oceans. Some...

Good news for globally rare swamp pink lilies

By Michele S. Byers How can you tell if an ecosystem is healthy? Take a look at the plants and animals living there. In New...

When ‘all hell broke loose’

On June 5, 1944, coded radio messages were broadcast into Europe alerting the underground that what was long anticipated and anxiously awaited was about...

Poppy sales represent a wonderful May

I have always loved the balmy days of May. Maybe it was because everything was in bloom to prepare nature’s summer wardrobe. Or, was...

A clean energy future for New Jersey

By Michele S. Byers Clean energy like solar and wind got a huge boost last week with the passage of a new clean energy bill. The...

Hazlet resident angered by procedures of land use board

  I am writing to call upon the power of the press to share a story that is not only important to me and residents...

The gateway to summer

A beautiful spring with warm days, blossoming plants and flowers is the gateway to a long anticipated summer. I vividly remember the spring of...

A real possibility: Re-emergence of teacher militancy in New Jersey

By Dr. Marc Gaswirth Will the wave of well-publicized teachers’ strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky make its way to the Garden State? Will...

Without its ‘understory’ layer, the forest will collapse

By Michelle S. Byers Forrest Gump claimed life is like a box of chocolates, and a healthy forest is like a layer cake. At the...

Go for a walk and feel better!

By Michele S. Byers There is no “magic potion” to cure everything that ails us, but a nonprofit health group is touting the next best...

Fight light pollution during International Dark Sky Week

By Michele S. Byers Step outside at night and gaze up at the sky. Do you see a dim orangey glow? If so, you are...
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