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League of Women Voters compiling annual voters’ guide

To the editor: It’s election time, and the League of Women Voters is compiling the responses of candidates – from Senate to local municipality and...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Save the bugs!

Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, insects are the least loved. Anyone who’s been bitten by ticks, stung by bees, swarmed by mosquitos,...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Check out New Jersey’s fall bird migration

If you are wondering whether fall will ever come, just take a look at the birds! At the Jersey shore, you may have noticed tiny...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: A little bit of respect…for native plants!

New Jersey is home to about 2500 native plants, and over one-third are considered rare! Some have always been rare - like the Stalked...

Time to act

To the editor: Labor Day means “a call to action,” a time to act for the midterms and get out the vote. And, time for New...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Explore New Jersey’s wildflower meadows

New Jersey’s wildflower meadows are spectacular this month! “Meadows are beautiful, they’re vibrant and they host diverse wildlife,” said wildflower expert Tama Matsuoka Wong of...

Give us back our park

To the editor: It was with considerable disappointment that I read in the Aug 10th edition of the Lawrence Ledger about the expansion of bow-hunting...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: All aboard floating science classrooms

One of the state’s newest science classrooms is uniquely suited for water testing and studying plankton under a microscope. But you’ll need a life...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Catch the Perseids meteor showers!

You’re looking up at the night sky when – whoosh! – a brilliant streak of light whizzes past so quickly you almost miss it....

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Check out the “fun” in fungi

How many times have you bent down to check out a mushroom, only to be told, “Stop! It may be poisonous!” New Jersey has several...

Action must be taken to protect our votes

To the editor: Less than four months remain before one of the most consequential elections of our time, and New Jersey is one of five...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Too hot to think? Studies shows heat affects your brain

During summer heat waves, you know your body will be hot and sluggish.  But did you know that your brain is affected by the heat...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Love NJ’s outdoors? Take action now.

What do Wharton State Forest in the Pine Barrens, Jesse Allen Park in Newark, Camden Waterfront Park, theGreat Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Island Beach State Park and Paterson’s Great Falls National Historic Park have in common? These...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: New Jersey’s official reptile, the bog turtle

In 1974, reptile researcher Robert Zappalorti captured a female bog turtle in a Sussex County swamp. In keeping with protocols, he marked the turtle...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: These New Jersey plants have an appetite for insects

In the musical “Little Shop of Horrors,” a mysterious Venus flytrap in a florist shop reveals its appetite for human flesh and blood. Fortunately, there’s no...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Explore the Pine Barrens through paddles, hikes and tours

New Jersey may be the nation’s most densely populated state, but how many of its citizens know the Pine Barrens? The Pine Barrens wilderness includes...

Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy is unjust

To the editor: I write this letter as an educator of over 45 years serving children and the communities of Lawrence Township, Flemington Raritan, and...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Like to jog? ‘Plog’ instead and keep NJ clean

Have you seen unusual groups of joggers and runners breaking stride to pick up litter from the ground? They’re “ploggers,” part of a fitness trend...
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