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Thanks to Malinowski for co-sponsoring ‘carbon cashback’ bill

Many people have recently received stimulus checks from the government for COVID-19 relief. Those checks were popular. How’d you like to receive monthly payments...

SOLUTIONS 4/2: Recycling Revisited

By Huck Fairman Why recycle? While most local residents support the idea and associated policies, many may not be aware of the widespread need and...

Opinion: Save the Sourlands

I was having coffee with a friend once, and she said, “I’m not a birder. Why should I care about birds?” I said, “You...

Opinion: New Jersey should make patients a priority by issuing more medical marijuana permits

As a cancer survivor living with multiple sclerosis, I’ve experienced many symptoms over the years where medical marijuana would have made such a difference...

SOLUTIONS 3/12: Bill Gates: How we can survive

By Huck Fairman Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft; co-chair with his wife, Melinda, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and originator of Breakthrough Energy,...

SOLUTIONS 3/12: The Latest on Electric Vehicles

By Huck Fairman As our planet warms and we experience extreme weather of all varieties, people, governments and manufacturers are seeking ways to reduce emissions....

SOLUTIONS 3/5: Endocrine Disruptors

By Huck Fairman "New York Times" columnist Nicholas Kristof reported on a recent book by epidemiologist Shanna Swan, "Count Down," and studies by other scientists...

SOLUTIONS 2/26: Professor Stephen Pacala: What we need to do

By Huck Fairman Our latest winter snow and storms notwithstanding, our planet’s climates are warming. Scientists worldwide are pretty much in agreement that climate change...

Opinion: Hillsborough Republicans are contradictory in rules about appointing candidates

The letter written by Ken Scherer, chairman of the Hillsborough Township Republican Organization (Hillsborough Democrats are disregarding voters' wishes, Hillsborough Beacon, Feb. 19), https://centraljersey.com/2021/02/17/opinion-hillsborough-democrats-are-disregarding-voters-wishes/ is...

Opinion: Hillsborough Democrats are disregarding voters’ wishes

The Hillsborough Township  Republican Organization sends it best wishes to Olivia Holmes who recently stepped down from the Hillsborough Township Committee as she continues...

SOLUTIONS 2/12: Electric Vehicles Begin to Address Emissions Issue

By Huck Fairman The climate challenges we all face are known by many around the world. What is uncertain is whether or not we as...

Opinion: Resigning Hillsborough committeewoman wants town to continue to grow

I am writing this letter to thank the residents of Hillsborough for electing me as your committeewoman. As you may know, at the beginning...

New Jerseyans show caring spirit with support for NJ Sharing Network

By Joseph S. Roth Thanks to the support of our team members, healthcare partners and dedicated volunteers, 2020 was a record-breaking year for NJ Sharing Network’s...

SOLUTIONS: Professor provides assessment of where, environmentally, we are

By Huck Fairman With the election of President Joe Biden, who has stressed the need to deal with our environmental challenges, a number of observers have...

SOLUTIONS: Virtual exploration of our world

By Huck Fairman Since most of us can neither safely travel for exploration, nor want to, given the risks, another way to see our planet...

Receive social and emotional healing through virtual support groups

Anyone dealing with stress, anxiety and other psycho-social issues can receive social and emotional support that focus on hope and recovery, in a warm,...

SOLUTIONS 12/18: Inspiring personal story and example for us all

By Huck Fairman In this time of stress, environmental and political, TED Talks offers an inspirational, personal story in the form of a talk delivered...

Special Feature: Get a Glimpse of the Geminids

The pandemic has thwarted many travel plans this year, which can be especially disheartening during the holiday season. Fortunately, there is an event that...
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