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Many deserve thanks for success of Holiday Gift Wrap

The soul felt its worth this season as East Brunswick Hadassah volunteers worked with members, friends of the community, Spotswood’s Immaculate Conception CCD volunteers...

State assistance needed for Criminal Justice Reform

On Jan. 1, Criminal Justice Reform legislation went into effect in the state of New Jersey. This reform was established to change the procedure...
Eric Sucar

Fire sprinkler system in rebuilt school will ensure safety

On Jan. 3, the students of James Monroe Elementary School in Edison happily returned to their school after one improperly discarded, partially burning cigarette...

Reader disagrees with assertions about the black community

Though I doubt that Michael Campbell meant to give offense with his recent letter to The Sentinel ("Reader suggests how to repair trust between...

Sayreville residents, businesses supported Care and Share Food Bank

The Sayreville Care and Share Food Bank would like to thank the many organizations who donated to us during this holiday season. We help over...

Being silent is not an option

Unless people speak out against a bigoted racist like Carl Paladino, despicable comments like his become acceptable and end up being the new norm....

Make Texas Road safe for nighttime driving

This is a copy of a letter I recently sent to Mayor Owen Henry of Old Bridge. We need your help. Texas Road is very...
Eric Sucar

Customer service would help ensure package delivery

  I have been hearing a lot in the news lately about missing packages from people’s front porches. The carriers that deliver the package can...

Reader supports congressional investigation of presidential election

As my congressional representative for the 4th District, I am respectfully urging Congressman Chris Smith to add his voice to the nonpartisan group of...

Reader suggests how to repair trust between police, minorities

The candidates in this election cycle were asked how they would repair the broken relationship and trust between the African American communities and the...

Old Bridge taking steps to ensure safe drinking water

Over the past year, the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has elevated our nation’s awareness surrounding the importance of infrastructure and access to...

America will be stronger next year

Our USA patriot history is strongly worth repeating in 2017-18. Question: What would both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson do in December 1800? Pray a...

For the Record

Michael Macagnone, Sayreville Board of Education president, was incorrectly identified in the article "Charter schools affect funding in Sayreville" (Suburban, Nov. 24). His quotes should...

Thank an EMS volunteer

As we embark on another season of giving thanks, I ask New Jerseyans to count volunteer EMS responders among their blessings. Often “invisible,” this...

How will Trump respond?

I am an early sleeper and early riser. I woke up on Wednesday, anticipating a glass-ceiling-shattering victory for Hillary; the totally unexpected happened. As expected,...

EMS volunteers are ‘unsung heroes’

As we embark on another season of giving thanks, I ask New Jerseyans to count volunteer EMS responders among their blessings. Often “invisible,” this...

‘Let’s all take a deep breath’ and support our president, country

I am so saddened by the reaction of young people to the election of our new president-to-be. To reach the age of at least...

Student transit rates would help students, make roads safer for all

The railroads in New Jersey are a very effective system of transit and actually a much safer and faster mode of transport in all types of...
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