Halloween Ghost Tour & Cemetery Visit

Fri, Oct 25 12:00 am $25 Per Person

Princeton Tour Company/Princeton U-Store
116 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

Princeton’s hallowed grounds are pulsing with paranormal activity and this not-so-terrifying-but-eerily-informative tour will prove it!

If you want to be startled by garish ghouls in plastic masks, go elsewhere! This is Princeton, certified brainiac territory. So, we use science and technology to track down our unsettled spirits and prove they’re the real deal. Based on the legends and lure of Princeton past, we’ll explore the shadowy passageways and dark corners of campus and its surrounding neighborhood. We’ll even take you beyond the locked gates of one of America’s most prestigious cemeteries. (A cheesier tour may say it’s so prestigious people are dying to get in! But not us.)

Our experienced Ghost Hunter Guides will train each guest to use EMF Meters, dowsing rods, therma-meters and describe the controversial Psyleron Lamp to help you interact with the other side at an unmarked burial ground. More importantly, they’ll carry all that heavy stuff. Because the cemetery of Nassau Presbyterian Church is a resting place, we don’t investigate there. Instead, historians will lead you to the gravestones of Grover Cleveland, Aaron Burr, Jr., Paul Tulane and a Princeton graduate with too much money but not enough luck. Stories are uncensored and sometimes graphic. Therefore, this tour is rated PG-13.