Homeschooling 101 with Joel Hammon

Homeschooling 101 with Joel Hammon


Thu, Aug 27, 2020    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Sponsored by The Jewish Center Princeton
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Whether you have never contemplated the idea of homeschooling or have considered it over the years, it may be something you’re now thinking about in this pandemic climate. Join Joel Hammon, Co-Founder and Director at Princeton Learning Cooperative, as he shares insight about what homeschooling really is. For most, it’s more than sitting and educating your child alone, all day long. It can be collaborative, customized and creative. You can work with a cooperative to formulate a schedule, use online tools or do it on your own. And in NJ, it’s very unrestricted. Learn from Joel and ask him all of your homeschooling questions! Joel Hammon is a former social studies teacher in public and private schools. He is the author of The Teacher Liberation Handbook and president of Liberated Learners, an organization supporting the creation of Self-Directed Education centers across the world. He lives in Langhorne, PA with his wife, two kids and dog, Jade.

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Homeschooling in NJ 101 – Princeton Perspectives


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