Instant Memory Training for Success & Peak Performance

Instant Memory Training for Success & Peak Performance

Learn from the world’s leading memory skills expert! In this very fun & interactive presentation, U.S. Memory Champion, Chester Santos – “The International Man of Memory” will help you to develop life changing skills to greatly enhance your professional development & lifelong learning.

You will unlock your mind’s hidden power to easily remember names, facts/figures, presentations, processes/procedures, famous quotes, foreign languages, software commands/directories, complex terminology, laws/statutes, exam/training material, and much more.

This is an entertaining, educational, and “memorable” program with wide appeal!

Discussion Topics Include:
• Master the fundamental principles for developing powerful memory skills
• Exercise your visualization ability, creativity, and imagination
• Learn to better remember names to get more out of networking at conferences/meetings and improve professional & personal relationships
• Better retain learned information and consolidate knowledge for enhanced professional & personal development
• Become a more effective and persuasive speaker by learning to give presentations without notes
• Impress clients, potential clients, and colleagues by better demonstrating your knowledge and expertise
• Become inspired by the incredible power of your mind and increase your thirst for knowledge and continuing education

Event Details:
Date – August 31, 2023
Time – 11AM PT | 2PM ET

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