Off the Wall Holiday Market – call for Artisans


Mon, Sep 7, 2020    
12:00 am

Event Type

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Artists, Sculptors and Artisans Vendors. Work must be original and handcrafted by the artist.  Artwork that hangs on the wall must be submitted under the Artist category.  Free standing sculpture must be submitted under the Sculpture category.  Handcrafted items that would normally be displayed on a table-top must be submitted under the Artisan Vendor category.  Individuals can submit work to more than one category.

Artisan Vendors making Handcrafted Items: 

-All handcrafted items will be juried through our online submission process.  Items and the mediums that can be submitted include: apothecary, basketry, ceramics/pottery, fiber/textile, glass items, jewelry, leather goods, metal arts, non-perishable food products, paper crafts and journals, woodworking, and more.

-Items must be handcrafted by the artisan.  Artisans Vendor must inform WWAC if their items are sourced out to a third party, or if Artisan Vendor is selling items made by another person.

-To submit, please fill out our form and upload images of work.  Artisans can submit up to 5 images for consideration. 2 of the images can include several pieces. 3 of the images must be of just 1 item each.

-Each item must be priced below $200.

-Accepted artisans can then submit 10 items for the show.  Jewelers can submit 20 items.  Each item must be individually photographed.  This is the image that will be used in our online store.  Image must show the entire item, against a plain background if possible.  Image must be in focus.  Image must be labeled as follows: name of business_first name_last name_title of item_item number.

-Accepted pieces are to be delivered to the Arts Center.  Each item must be bagged individually, with a label attached: name of business, first and last name of artist, description, price, item number.

-If all items are sold, WWAC may request additional items.