Pakistan Day Parade 2023

Pakistan Day Parade 2023


Sun, Aug 20, 2023    
1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Pakistan Day Parade

20st, August 2023

The NJ Pakistan Day Parade: Celebrating Heritage, Unity, and Diversity

  • The NJ Pakistan Day Parade, a cherished tradition since 2015, will take place this year on Sunday, August 20th. This year’s event holds special significance as we pay tribute to the founder of the parade, Sam Abrar Khan, who recently passed on Memorial Day. We invite everyone to join us in honoring his legacy and celebrating the rich tapestry of Pakistani culture.
  • The initial intention of this parade is to ensure that our youth can retain their connection with their roots through fashion, cuisine, dialect, traditions, entertainment, culture, folklore, and more.
  • However, we also want this parade to embody where those roots have branched off. This mentality enables us to have youth groups like Rutgers & NJIT PSA groups not only promote but join our event. By being involved the youth demographic finally begins to feel heard and seen.
    • This parade is one we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all communities to come and enjoy with us, not just those who are Pakistani.
    • Living in a state as diverse as NJ that can easily be stated as a microcosm of the country is why we’re so proud to share our heritage and culture with others and work together to make something beyond physical borders. Pakistan itself is diverse with multiple dialects and cultures, from Muhajir to Sindhi; we enjoy celebrating altogether as one.

Pre-Parade Activities:

  • 12:30-2:00 pm, there will be Free Halwa Puri.
  • Throughout the event, various food vendors will serve an enticing array of Pakistani sweets and delicacies, from falooda/Kulfi and samosas to biryani and chai. Additionally, clothing vendors will showcase jewelry and fashion from different regions of Pakistan, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the vibrant colors and styles.
  • For our younger attendees, we have planned a range of enjoyable activities, including a magic show, face painting, kiddie rides, kite flying, and balloons. The NJ Pakistan Day Parade aims to be a family-friendly experience for everyone.

Press Conference/Tribute to Sam Khan 3:00 pm:

  • This year we will be holding a tribute to our parades founder Sam Abrar Khan – Honoring his many achievements, his dedication to not only our community but all communities, as a champion of justice & equality, a brother to all of humanity, we ask all to come and give him the sendoff he deserves.
  • Our annual press conference with elected officials, community leaders, and more from throughout NJ come and celebrate with our community. Previous year attendees include the esteemed Speaker of the Assembly Craig Coughlin and Congressmen Pallone to several local and county officials throughout the state.
  • Flag-raising ceremony.
  • American and Pakistani National Anthem


  • At 4:00 pm, we will begin the parade itself from Papaianni Park down Municipal boulevard and back. With Dhol groups, floats from local businesses, and all who wish to partake.


5:30-8:30pm Cultural and Musical Program

  • This program will showcase various artistic performances that reflect the rich heritage and artistic talent of Pakistan.