Princeton Photo Workshop: Special Access: Inside a Working Boatyard

Sat, May 15 10:00 am - 2:00 pm $149

David Beaton & Sons
72 Beaton Rd
Brick Township, New Jersey 08723


We’ve obtained access to the inner and outer workings of a real boatyard with nautical photographer Richard Sherman. We’ll photograph the boatwrights in their workshop as they fix everything from classic wooden sailboats to modern powerboats, then tour the boatyard to photograph vessels along the pier and sailboats in motion. During the day, we’ll exercise many of our photographic muscles, from portraiture to water abstracts, from high-ISO indoor shots to brightly lit outdoor scenes and from close-up images of boat details to sailing landscapes. Your instructor will be with you to offer advice, help with technical issues, make composition suggestions and answer your questions.



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