Saturday Series: The Keith Line


Sat, Sep 10, 2022    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Montgomery Municipal Building
100 Community Drive, Skillman, NJ, 08558

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The straight dope on a straight line across the middle of New Jersey will be laid out for laymen on Saturday, September 10, by a pair of experts who excel at unravelling tangled realty titles to determine who owns what and where.

Lovers of maps, mysteries and NJ history are in for fun because that line laid down across sixty miles of wilderness by George Keith and his survey team in 1687 has remained controversial for three centuries. A ghost of the short lived division of this colony into East Jersey and West Jersey, it can be readily traced to this day on NJ maps showing civil boundaries even though Keith’s remarkable achievement got it wrong. Did he goof gloriously or was he following orders?

Given the limits of surveyor’s equipment back then and factions fighting to grab the most land, either is possible. Sorting out the fun and games will be Bruce Blair of BRB Forensics and Joseph Grabus of Grabus Institute for Continuing Education. Both frequently serve as expert witnesses in disputes over Colonial land titles. Their program sponsored by Van Harlingen Historical Society is free and open to the public, 2 pm, Saturday, September 10, in the library of Montgomery Municipal Complex, corner of Route 206 and Orchard Road, just north of Rocky Hill. Parking is ample, but seats are limited, so don’t be late.