Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited, Seconds Out, & More

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited, Seconds Out, & More


Tue, Dec 6, 2022    
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


State Theatre New Jersey
15 Livingston Ave New Brunswick, NJ 08901, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901

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Steve Hackett, an immensely talented and innovative rock musician, was lead guitarist with the group Genesis. As part of that group, Hackett produced acclaimed albums such as Selling England by the Pound (a favorite of John Lennon).

With Genesis, Hackett’s guitar playing produced some of the most memorable moments, from the sensitivity of his acoustic sound on “Horizons and Blood on the Rooftops” to the dramatic rock guitar solos of “Firth of Fifth” and “Fountain of Salmacis.” As he embarked on his solo career he developed his exceptional range, pushing musical boundaries into exciting areas, exploring unchartered depths, and utilizing sounds and instruments from the four corners of the globe.

Since 2013, with the reintroduction of his album Genesis Revisited, Hackett has reignited the passion, drama, and sheer musical mastery with his highly acclaimed tours. The year 2019 saw the peak of Hackett’s performances with the sell-out tour combining the entire albums of Spectral Mornings and Selling England by the Pound, together with gems from his other solo works, most notably from his latest album, At the Edge of Light.

And now for 2022, Hackett is proud to announce that he will be touring the Genesis live album, Seconds Out, which was recorded from their concert at the Palais de Sport in Paris in June 1977. As is familiar with all of his tours, this show will commence with a select variety of material from Hackett’s extensive solo career, which will set the scene for the magnificence of Seconds Out.