The Art of Living Well: Farming In Central Jersey: Past & Present, An Evening of Film and Discussion

Tue, Nov 23 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Hopewell Theater
5 S Greenwood Ave
Hopewell, NJ 08525

  • Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present is a production of Flickering Duck Productions in association with Visionary Video & Filmworks Studios, and the filmmakers Fred Frintrup of Milltown, NJ and Peter Frintrup of Los Angeles.
  • The award-winning father-son film team have made numerous historic films.
  • We’ll watch the film, followed by a panel discussion featuring three agriculture panelists and moderated by the organization’s president and film’s screenwriter, Brad Fay, regarding the future of local agriculture in our community.

Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present is a 35-minute video documentary based on a historic account by Jessie Lynes Havens of Montgomery Township, and made by the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition of Rocky Hill, in association with the Van Harlingen Historical Society of Montgomery.

The video honors the history of farming in the Millstone Valley. 300 years ago, Dutch farmers began arriving in the Millstone Valley and built central New Jersey into the breadbasket of New York City. Today the farm-to-table renaissance has rejuvenated farming and inspired a vibrant restaurant scene. Learn the story behind local landmarks and farm families.