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Cranbury restaurants serve community during COVID-19 outbreak

Teddy's Restaurant at 49 N. Main St. in Cranbury

Restaurants in downtown Cranbury are adapting to new ways of serving their customers during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Two restaurants, Teddy’s and Cranbury Pizza, are not only serving takeout orders, but have provided a roll of toilet paper with each order.

Resident Louise Campi is being credited with the idea for the promotional incentive, according to Mayor Matt Scott.

“We have had to adapt to using a lot of social media posts. We have been getting the word out through social media,” said George Nikitiades, the owner of Teddy’s. “In complying with social distancing orders, we are doing curbside pickup for orders and we are really stressing even more hand washing.”

He said Teddy’s is selling meats and cheeses so customers do not have to go to a supermarket for those items.

“We thought that would be another service we can provide. We are also doing a lot more catering and family style dinners. We are doing a lot more dinner business than breakfast now,” Nikitiades said.

“We have been preparing uncooked meals for people to prepare at home and we have been giving out a free roll of toilet paper with every takeout order. I buy the toilet paper from my paper products vendor,” he said. “We are offering delivery through Grubhub and DoorDash. If someone encounters a problem, I will personally deliver the order.”

Teddy’s opened in the 1970s and has been a staple for residents, who have voiced their support for the restaurant through social media. Teddy’s is open every day, with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday.

“People have been supporting us so much by sometimes paying us extra for their food or by giving generous tips to my staff. Without that support we would not be here. We need their support and we are here for them,” Nikitiades said. “I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I am hopeful for the next couple months and I just want people to be safe. Sometimes out of bad comes good.”

Cranbury Pizza is also serving customers during the pandemic. The restaurant opened in 2000. Co-owner Rob Huegel said the community support has been important for the restaurant.

“People have purchased gift cards and we were a part of handing out toilet paper with each take-out order. We love the support of the town and have handed out all the toilet paper we have had.

“We do curbside pickup and have moved the seating out of the restaurant so there is more space for people to come in and pick up their orders. We have partnered with Grubhub so customers can order for delivery,” he said. “We are adapting to the new normal and hopefully it is not for long. We have had to change with the times and it is a learning process for us.”

Cranbury Pizza is offering do-it-yourself pizza kits and dinner specials at this time.

“We will be open on Easter and offering Easter dinner for customers,” Huegel said. “In times like these we need to stick together.”

All employees have been retained, according to the co-owner. Cranbury Pizza is open every day.

“I am hopefully the community will still be healthy and come out and support the restaurant. I am concerned, but not worried,” Huegel said. “I am hopeful we will not have more people affected by this pandemic in regard to their health and well-being. We are fortunate to have the customer base and the town we have.”

Other restaurants in Cranbury that are open for take-out include Italian Touch, Molto Bene Ristorante and Cicchetti Bar and Zinna’s Bistro.

Cranbury Pizza at 63 N. Main St., Cranbury
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