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Cranbury Board of Education members re-elect Callahan and Chivate to top spots

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Karen Callahan will continue to serve as president of the nine-member Cranbury Board of Education in 2021.

She was re-elected when board members voted unanimously during the annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 6.

Pramod Chivate was unanimously re-elected vice president.

“I am extremely proud and honored to serve as president of the Cranbury Board of Education. The opportunity to serve alongside an incredibly smart and talented group of people is one I don’t take for granted,” Callahan said in a statement to the Cranbury Press. “Our team’s philosophy, collaborative approach, overall professionalism, and mutual respect for one another is what makes my job as board president a little easier, more enjoyable, and truly rewarding. I am grateful to the board for their vote of confidence and continued support.”

With the swearing in of Robert Christopher, Colleen Raymond and Lisa Rue, the board now consists of President Karen Callahan, Vice President Pramod Chivate, Dominique Jones, Peter Katz, Rob Christopher, Lindsay McDowell, Laura Hoffman, Colleen Raymond and Lisa Rue.

“After our board’s organization meeting in 2020, I don’t believe anyone could have ever imagined the year that would lie ahead,” she said. “Events began to unfold at a record pace, our administration and Board worked tirelessly to prepare for the inevitable shutdown and ultimate shift to full remote learning for the first time in history. The ‘norms’ Cranbury School students, teachers, staff and administration relied upon were immediately uprooted and have yet to return.”

Callahan added that they are extremely proud of the resilience Cranbury students have exhibited during this current period.

“While we acknowledge the immense challenges that were faced in 2020, the board fully anticipates 2021 may be equally if not more challenging. As we anxiously await the day our students are able to return to the full time, more traditional learning environment we have been accustomed to, we realize the traditional learning model may be forever changed,” she said. “In the weeks and months ahead, the board and the administration will be planning and preparing to meet our students where they are as they emerge from this historic time period.”

Callahan continued by saying addressing the needs of the students following these unprecedented times will be a massive undertaking.

“The board, along with administration, teachers and staff, are fully committed to our mission of providing every student the opportunity to rise above this dark period in history and continue to shine,” she said.

According to school district administration, students and staff will resume hybrid instruction at the Cranbury School on Jan. 19. Students in Cohort A, and all kindergarten through third grade students will report to school on Jan. 19 for in-person learning.

When Jan. 20 arrives, remote instruction for all students will occur, as Wednesdays are slated as remote instruction days for all students to deep clean the school facilities between A/B cohorts.

Students in Cohort B are scheduled to return to school on Jan. 21 for in-person learning.

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