Trenton artist to display work for Analog Surrealism exhibition at JKCG Gallery

Trenton artist Phillip McConnell

The James Kearny Campus Gallery recently announced a solo exhibition featuring work by digital contemporary artist Phillip McConnell.

The exhibition titled Analog Surrealism is curated by photographer, scholar and curator Michael Chovan-Dalton and will be on view from Nov. 8 through Dec. 4.

Opening Reception and artist talk is set for Nov. 8 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Mercer County Community College’s JKCG gallery.

This body of 16 works juxtaposes two different mediums (photography and digital art) against each other.

This is a new take on the aesthetic medium of Glitch Art Phillip is used to working in.
Glitch Art is the aesthetic of digital errors, created by corrupting the data of pictures.

According to a release, to create the work, a picture file is converted into text files using a basic program called Notepad ++. Using the text file within the program the data of the picture is manually manipulated by adding or subtracting color codes and by taking pieces of other pictures and blending them with each other.

Once the images are distorted enough, they are combined using Notepad and the
text file is exported as a JPG picture file. The pieces in the show vary in size as well as subject matter.

Phillips’s work deals with the raw data of pictures, no different than a programmer writing lines of code to create a digital platform.

Phillip sees his work as alchemical in nature as he creates a new image by breaking down two different mediums to their base elements and merging them to create a single amalgamation of a picture, according to the statement.

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McConnell's artwork
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