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East Windsor Township bans overnight truck parking on all streets seven days a week

The East Windsor Township Council approved an amended ordinance that bans parking large trucks, trailers, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles on any street in the township between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. seven days a week.

The ordinance, which was adopted by the Township Council at its Sept. 13 meeting, amends a section of the township’s “Traffic” ordinance that addresses parking.

The amended ordinance specifically bans trucks with two or more rear axles, truck tractors (the part of a tractor trailer truck that hauls the trailer), utility trailers (such as those used by tradesmen and landscapers), semi-trailers or pole trailers, all-terrain vehicles, and house-type trailers and house-type semi-trailers from parking on the street overnight.

“No utility, semi-trailer, trailer, house-type trailer, house-type semi-trailer or pole trailer shall be parked on any street other than when attached to a towing vehicle,” according to the ordinance amendment.

The ordinance amendment makes an exception to the on-street parking ban if the vehicle is parked on the street to make emergency repairs.

Arlen Forst, who lives on Covington Drive in the Twin Rivers neighborhood, applauded the Council for adopting the ordinance amendment.

Forst said large trucks and trailers, such as those used by landscaping contractors, routinely park on Lake Drive and Probasco Road overnight. During the day, the employees park their cars on the street, he said.

The trucks and trailers often park close to the intersection of the intersection of Lake Drive and side streets such as Covington Drive, which is “downright dangerous” because it blocks the driver’s view, Forst said. It is difficult to make a turn out of side streets such as Covington Drive, he said.

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