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HAMILTON: New JEI Learning Center opens in township

HAMILTON — JEI Learning Centers and Emina Vukovic have announced the opening of a new center in the Mercerville section of Hamilton Township.

The center, according to a press release, will help address Mercer County’s need for a supplemental education program geared toward self-paced, individual programs for students ranging from kindergarten to ninth grade.

The new JEI Learning Center is a 1,500-square-foot facility located at 3800 Quakerbridge Road. This addition to JEI’s already established centers in six countries including Lawrenceville and West Windsor.

JEI Centers originated in South Korea by an educator and visionary Sung Hoon Park in 1981. The concept he developed through JEI is a self-learning method for students that will provide supplementary assistance to students in mastering math and language concepts, developing individual programs that are self-paced and easy to follow steps, according to a press release.

Ms. Vukovic established the Mercerville-based JEI center because she believed in the organization’s concept of learning.

”I researched the available supplemental education systems and franchises and found JEI to have a solid educational philosophy and business model,” she said in the release. “Their education model and philosophy of a spiral education system follows the core curriculum of the U.S.

”I was motivated by my daughter, for when she was 8 she was challenged by math and I wanted to enroll her in a program that would help her master math and critical thinking skills,” she added.

According to the release, JEI first came to the U.S. in 1992 opening a center in California and has grown to have a presence in the U.S. as well as 9 other countries. These worldwide centers provide math and English services that are in accordance with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as well as the National Council of Teachers English.

With Ms. Vukovic opening this JEI location, she is required to participate in many training programs to keep up on all the newer educational tools and techniques. Each JEI owner undergoes training, seminars, and workshops on an ongoing basis to make sure they are kept up with the state’s educational improvements and needs.

This JEI center will service students from kindergarten through ninth grade in supplemental math, English, reading and writing and problem solving. The center offers certified and qualified teachers to provide individual learning programs.

”I have hired experienced and well established teachers to ensure that all our students receive the best instructions,” Ms. Vukovic said.

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