HILLSBOROUGH: Township has network to help those who need it 


To the editor: 
Now with the winter finally here and the cold weather upon us, many people in our community are struggling more than ever to pay their bills and make ends meet, especially those out of work or underemployed.
Luckily, our town has a tremendous Community Assistance Network, also known as CAN, that can assist residents with everything from food, paper products, pet food, school supplies and more to help them a little in getting through these hard times.
The problem is, many Hillsborough residents are not even aware of this service or how to contact it. This is a shame because many of these resources go unused and it doesn’t have to be this way.
The purpose of this letter is to let the citizens of Hillsborough know about this service and how to get in touch with it, if they, their neighbors, relatives, or friends would like to find out more information about what CAN does. So here goes, you can contact CAN by phone at 908-369-3880, by web at www.hillsborough-nj.org or in person at 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844.
In closing, you may never need these services, but it’s great to know that they’re out there for the residents of Hillsborough and how to get them if you ever do. 
John Paul Machala 
Hillsborough 